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"Allowing People to Live and Die with Dignity" Alaska Native Perspectives and Experiences on Dementia Caregiving and Family Stigma

We are excited to announce our upcoming online community presentation. We invite Alaska Native caregivers and service providers for individuals with memory loss to join us as we delve into the experiences of rural and urban Alaska Native care partners in caring for their loved ones.

The presentation will focus on the experiences of care partners in various settings, including family, community, and professional contexts, highlighting the significant role of Alaska Native cultural values and practices.

Topics to be covered in the presentation include:

- Current experiences of Alaska Native care partners

- The impact of family stigma

- The role of Alaska Native culture in caregiving

- Structural challenges

- The influence of family stigma on caregiver quality of life

- Discussion of next steps

We are grateful for your interest.

As we continue to develop our website, we welcome your input on helpful resources and needs, opportunities to engage with the community, and the chance to share your experiences and questions with other care partners.

Warm regards,




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